My brother Frank was helping me install spybot, spyware in my computer.  He knows this stuff and I do not.  We were doing this because my computer was getting slower and slower and slower.  He said it was probably spyware in my computer running stuff behind the scenes.  Sound reasonable.  So we download this spybot search and destroy software…..I am way out of my league here but we go with it.  We run it and shazzam……115 problems found.  Wow.  I had no idea.  Frank searched and destroyed and now I am back up an running.  115 problems that I did not want, did not know about but, were really behind the scenes so much, messing my computer up so that I was not as productive…..rather, maybe even destructive to my work on my machine. 

Well, I began to think about the spyware that had somehow gotten into me.  Stuff running deep down inside of me that is slowing me down.  Stuff running deep down in my  operating system that is effecting how I operate.  Stuff that got installed somehow and were not only not what I wanted, but were possibly even destructive to my operating system…

I immediately thought about Romans 12:2 which says that we should not be conformed to this world but we should be transformed by the renewing of our mind.  It says that then….THEN (we have to not be conformed..we have to transform our mind)….THEN,… after we are being transformed,….each time we boot up….run the program,…find the bugs… and destroy…..get the updates and immunize the system…..each time we are ongoingly transforming out mind….THEN we will be able to test and approve what God’s good and pleasing will is in our lives.

Got some spyware running behind the scenes?  Run Godbot.  Download some confession to God.  Run some forgiveness.  Transform your mind….all the time… You will speed up tremendously.

Pastor Louie