Sunday night after church we settled down at the Mercer house for a nice night of chillin’.  Last Sunday afternoon, October 12th we had a Building Committee meeting here at the house.  We ordered pizza from Pizza Hut here in Port Orange, Florida, just like we have for years.  The bill came to 75 bucks and we tipped the driver like, 15 bucks because we know times are hard.  Anyway, Sunday night the 19th, we called Pizza Hut in Port Orange, Florida just like we have for years, not to mention like we did last week!!  We got the pizza hot as ordered, I mean everything was 100 percent totally cool.  The driver was nice and we gave them the check for 31 dollars, (like we did the 90 dollars last Sunday…..JUST ONE WEEK AGO TODAY).  The driver gave us the pizza and accepted the check…..just like they have forever…..

We got a call 30 minutes after the pizza was eaten.  I mean it was great,….like always.  The call was from an employee who said that Pizza Hut no longer accepted checks…..seemed odd because they did accept a check, just 30 minutes ago and now they do not accept checks…..and get this…. they told us after the pizza was all gone, not when it was ordered.  I told the employee that we had no cash….(who has cash at home anymore).  He said they would accept a credit card  but the kid sounded like a kid….and sorry, but I aint giving a kid my credit card number…when they already accepted a check…and the pizza is gone, except for 3 slices out of 2 pizzas.  I told the kid to have the manager call me. 

A guy called, 30 more minutes later but it was like,…well, he was not all there.  Do you know what I mean……I am not trying to be sarcastic but you know when someone is not there.  You realize it!!!  I really empathized with him because it was  very obvious that he was not all there…..I mean it was so obvious that I talked for him for over 15 minutes but he did not have a clue that I had no money at home.  I offered to bring it to him tomorrow morning, to have him look at my phone record….( I always pay by check for over 20  years… much less LAST SUNDAY 90 BUCKS) but he said that they did not accept checks anymore.  I said to have a manager call me.  Well, the Port Orange Police, Officer Murphy, called me.  ouch.

Officer Murhphy was really nice.  He told me that Pizza Hut did not accept checks anymore……we bantered the finer points of the law, but this is a civil matter and not a police matter.  I had a choice…..dig in my heals because I was right (I have been a cop for 22 years and was able to quote the statute ((the law)) to the pizza shop owner and police).  Then Jesus in Matthew 5:21, 5:27, 5:31, and all through this chapter, Jesus said, you have heard it said, in the law, for example, in 5:21 you have heard it said that you should not murder but I say that anyone who is angry with his brother will be subject to judgment……like wow.  I had the law on my side and Officer Murphy agreed….but I was held to a  higher law…….the law of grace…….The law said I did not have to pay this guy tonight because he screwed up.  But Jesus said,….scrape together 31 bucks and pay this person……So, we grabbed all the change we had along with a 20 dollar bill and paid the bill in cash…did not stiff the driver, did not pay in pennies, did not be a jerk about it…..just paid it.   I called the Port Orange officer back, and told him thanks for his professionalism and I told the driver sorry for his inconvenience…….and my kids got a good laugh out of it….but they saw what should be done instead of what I really wanted to do….which was dig my heels in.

Pastor Louie