The last week of October I am going on a week long backpacking/hiking trip through the Smokey Mountain back country along the Appalachian Trail.  I have been training for this for some time now as the first day is a 4000 foot change in elevation…upward.  I walk all the time and can knock off 5 to 8 miles pretty easily.  However, I have recently been adding my pack to my walks, just like it will be on the trip.  About 35+ pounds with all the stuff I will need for a week in the mountains.  Much heavier than the gig I would do on the Florida Trail.  Food, water, extra first aid stuff, lots of water, water filter, jet boil, extra clothes,..stuff like that. 

It was heavy the first day, but as I continued training, it was much more manageable.  I added weight and would walk farther.  Each day of carrying this, it would seem to get easier.  I would walk really early in the morning so my neighbors would not think I was crazier than I really am and so that other folks would not call the cops on me.  I would take the pack off each day….put it back on the next morning.  As I added distance and weight, I would also adapt to the new distance and weight.  Then God sort of whacked me in the forehead.

I have sin in my life that I pick up and carry around, when I want to.  Sometimes it is in a pack where no one can see it.  Sometimes it is heavy but the longer that I carry it, the easier it seems to get.  Also, the longer I carry it, the more I am able to sort of adapt it to my life.  I just train harder and then it just becomes easier…more a part of me. 

So what is it that makes us dabble in these things that are not really good for us?  Proverbs 26:11 says that as a dog returns to it vomit, so a fool repeats his folly.  Yuck.  Backpacking Sin…wonder what God will show me on the actual trip?  Can’t  wait. 

Pastor Louie