Yea man.  The TLC (The Living Cornerstone) Kids Care Pre-School parents all got together and pitched in to get us passes to Busch Gardens in Tampa, Florida. (They chipped in gas money too!!).  We loaded up, booked a motel on line on the way, and left on Thursday afternoon to go to Busch Gardens in Tampa from Daytona Beach for Thursday afternoon, Friday and Saturday return.  We went to the motel, checked in, bedded down and went to Busch Gardens on Friday morning.  Now, what kind of blog can I spin off of a trip to Busch Gardens trip.. you are asking?  Well, check it out.

The real test of a family is not how they act, behave, interact when they are going into the gate of Busch Gardens in the early morning.  The morning is all excitement, patience, anticipation, giddy excitement…stuff like that.  That is a right handed lay up right?  Planning the day, thinking about what will occur.  The rides, the people, the atmosphere….that is all easy.  The real deal is when it is 5pm and you are coming out of the park.  Yea.  That is what families are made of.  I have 2 girls (14,11) and one boy (3) and one wife….(?) ((been together 22 years)).  What do you think happened at 5pm after all day in the sun, water, lines, people, lines, sun, water, people on top of people, no break, no nap for the 3 year old, an old dad (me)…? 

That is what our life and walk with Christ is like.  It is not how  things are on Sunday morning.  I mean everybody is, “good morning brother, how are  you,…blessed and highly favored..God is good….amen brother” type stuff.  If you are really into it on Sunday morning it may be a shondalla, hondalla, pass the fries, supersize if you are really into it….  But how are you when you get home?  How are you when you have a boss that is a jerk?  How are you when you get stopped for speeding???  How about when you don’t have quite enough money, patience, guts, time, etc. to hook up?  That is your Busch Gardens at 5pm…

My kids got out at 5pm today at Busch Gardens and said, “Daddy, I love you. Thanks for bringing us”  I just melted inside.  How about when things get tough, bad, ugly, sparce, hot, lines of people, when your boss is a jerk, when you get stopped for speeding,….you just say, “Daddy, I love you.  Thanks for bringing me.”  God’s heart will melt inside. 

Pastor Louie