I was just at a uniform store at lunch to buy a pair of those medical scrub pants that the nurses and doctors wear to sleep in when I go camping.  They wanted to know why….I said because of the weight.  They weigh less and I have to carry a pack for 6 days, so every ounce counts, especially over a long period of time and up and down in the mountains.  The lady that was there then talked about a small dog that she carried but after a while, the small dog got too heavy.  She had to put it down. 

I told her that any weight, the longer you carry it, gets heavier and heavier.  Then, it was like the Holy Spirit opened a doorway into her life.  I said to her, like anger……the longer you carry anger, the heavier it gets and the more destructive it becomes.  Her bubble popped and she began to tell me about how she had been mad at her husband for 15 years……..  15 years…….!  I told her that she did not have to carry that any longer.  We talked about how carrying that anger for 15 years was a weight on her…….she said the things she was mad at were little things….but 15 years.  We spoke about forgiveness and how refreshing forgiveness was and how beneficial for her to have it and to give it. 

Such an unconvenient time to talk about this with her boss around, co-workers around, customers around and some guy that she does not even know.  We finished with her saying she would forgive her husband.  It made me think….I am concerned with carrying less weight in a pack for 6 days but what about what I might be carrying right now?  You carrying anything right now?  Does it weigh much?  Hebrews 12:1 says that we should lay aside every weight and sin that so easily besets us and let us run with patience the race (hike the hike, live the life, work the job, love the family) that is set before us.

Pastor Louie