Yep, we got the finger.  The bird.  The middle finger next to the ring finger.  That is right.  The Finger.

Me and my brother Frank were northbound on US1, just north of Destination Daytona this afternoon at about 2pm.  We were heading up to the hospital in Flagler to see our dad, who had just had a total knee replacement.  He was out of recovery and in a room, so we were headed up to see him.  It was just north of Destination Daytona, the Harley Davidson place, that Frank was driving and I was in the passenger seat.  We were in the slow lane and behind a car that was going really slow.  We went to get into the fast lane but  there was a small chevrolet S-10 type truck coming in the fast land, so we waited for it. It was a rust colored truck that was obviously lowered down.  Sort of a wanna-be gang banger looking truck but without the panache of a real gang banger truck.  There were a couple of kids, (well 19 year olds are still kids to me) in the truck with their hats turned backward and sideways.

So, we are northbound and waiting for the truck to pass us by in the fast lane and we were in the slow lane.  Frank is a cruise control person.  He sets the cruise and lets it go so we can talk.  So this kid in the wanna-be gang banger lowered down, hat turned sideways truck passed us.  We then got into the fast lane behind it and…….it suddenly, for no reason at all, slowed down sharply.  Frank had to take off the cruise and brake.  It was the obvious signs of a jerk.  Did I say jerk?  Yep, I meant to.  So, this kid, slows down and Frank is slowing down to decrease speed and then the kid looks in the mirror at us and shoots us a bird, gives us the finger…..for an extended period of time.

I got mad so quick it surprised me.  I had quite a few things to say and many more to think.  I mean, Frank is a worship leader at a very big church in Port Orange and I am an Associate Pastor at our church.  Me, Frank and a buddy, Mike, did the Church for Men gig for a while and we are like really spiritual.  But I immediately was very mad at this person, the Finger Punk.  I mean, who does he think he is?  Then my little brother had to set me straight one more time….(I mean, that is my set him straight).  Frank said he was going to pretend that he did not even see it.  He was going to ignore it and pull back into the right lane. 

You see, Frank made up his mind that he was going to look at this differently.  In Romans 8, the apostle Paul said (v5-8) said that those who have their minds set on sinful things leads to death and those who have their minds on the spiritual things are life.  Paul goes on to say that those controlled by the sinful nature can not please God.  You see, I thought about this punk kid, the Finger Kid, and thought how sinful he was.  I neglected to think about what my mind was all about…….and it was not spiritual.  Jesus said in Matthew 7:3, “Why do you look at the speck of sawdust in your brother’s eye and pay no attention to the PLANK in your own eye.”  I had….and have a plank in my own eye.  It really hurts when your little brother shows you too! 

Pastor Louie