Last time at Swerve, we did a video piece on Facing The Giants.  A really cool scene called the death crawl.  It was about giving your best, your very best to the team.  We taught on giving God your best and all the things that we actually do give our best to …..and often these things are not God.  I got comments and questions about just how do you give God your best.  Well, one of the ways to do that will be presented this Saturday night, October 11, 2008, at 6pm at Swerve.  (at The Living Cornerstone Church, 1835 Taylor Road).  It too will be video based and can have an impact on how you give God your best. 

Come and see that the Lord is good.  We will have 15 minutes of live contemporary music and then a current, wrap your hands around it, lesson.. all in one hour or less, with free child care provided.   Oh, and we will have a 25 dollar gift card drawing.  Check it out. 

Pastor Louie