Hey Swervechurch and TLC Family, and of course anyone else that wants to be a part of a really cool gig for TLC Kids Care.  Ok, if you are new to Swerve or The Living Cornerstone Church, TLC Kids Care is the best pre-school in the area.  It, just like Swerve, is a ministry under The Living Cornerstone Church and Senior Pastors Howard and Ramona Chadwick.  Currently under construction is the approximately 9000 square foot state of the art pre-school.  It should be completed and occupied by January of 2009 or earlier.  The pre-school is directed by my wife, Pastor Tracey Mercer.  The spagetti dinner and auction is a fund raiser for the playground equipment.  The TLC Kids Care is a family of parents and kids that all attend the pre-school, Swerve or TLC Church.  We are always looking for more “family” to join us.  This is a really neat place to be and we welcome you to join us. 

The spagetti dinner and auction will be a professional operation.  It is being catered by the Olive Garden.  Yep, the soup, salad and breadsticks place that is out of this world fantastic.  Thank you Olive Garden.  It will be held on Friday, November 7, at 6pm at The Living Cornerstone located at 1835 Taylor Road in Port Orange.  Tickets are 10 dollars for adults and 5 dollars for children.  This is a deal.  The next best deal is that the TLC certified teachers will be there, in three separate rooms, to feed and care for the children while the adults eat and then have fun at the auction.  (There is some really neat stuff being auctioned that night).  Also, a professional auctioneer, Eric Alexander, (you have probably heard of him) will be there doing the auction. 

Come and join us for the auction, the meal, the fellowship.  Call 788-0489 for info or respond to the blog.  Blessings.

Pastor Louie