Last time I talked about how to get started reading the Bible. (If you did not see it, check it out either in the blog or on the right sidebar categories under Bible).   I hope you have had some luck… Finding a version you can understand is important.  Getting a good study Bible with explanations is good to get rolling.  Knowing that you do not have to start in Genesis is also good to know.  So I hope you have got started.  If not, today is just fine.   You see, this is the hard part.  Getting started.

I guess one of the biggest things to getting started reading the Bible is to get started.  I am busy, you are busy, we all are so busy in life that getting started seems to be the biggest problem.  Just finding some time to get started is tough.  So, don’t think that you need to carve out several hours a day.  Don’t even think you need to give it an hour a day.  (You may eventually do that, but this is about getting started).  If you have a version easy to read, that is the biggest thing.  Then finding some time to get going it the real deal.  Try this.  Just give it a few minutes a day.  If you are going with the, “I will read one Proverb a day plan” and you don’t get the entire chapter of the Proverb that day, …..don’t worry about it.  God won’t be mad.  And don’t start feeling guilty if you skip a day or so.  Again, God knows  you are busy.  He make you!  But just getting some time in with God, every day or every day that you can, is important.  He is wanting to help you with every day things.  One way, probably one of the biggest ways, is through his word, the Bible.  John 1:1 says that the Word of God (Bible) is God.  Yep, the Bible is God, and He wants to talk to you.  Give it a chance.  Try God’s word for just a few minutes a day.  Turn off CNN, Fox, (those are my problems), two men and a boy or whatever it is.  Shoot, just skip a little of the paper or interenet for a few minutes one day.  God will bless you when you meet him in the Bible.   Let me know how you do.

Pastor Louie