I was at the house over the weekend of one of the families that attend Swerve.  This is a great family and the parents were reading to the children every night.  We were talking and the question came up about how to and where to start reading in the bible for them, the parents.  What a good question.  I had the same question when I started getting into the bible.  Here are some quick pointers.

First, get a bible translation that is easy to understand.  I personally have a hard time understanding the King James Version.  Too many thee and thou’s for me.  I got so caught up in trying to understand what was said, that I gave up.  I like the NIV, which stands for New International Version.  I particularily like a study bible.  Study bibles in NIV are very popular and you can find them almost anywhere.  They have explanations on the bottom of the page for many of the verses so that if you do not understand a verse, you can read about it more.  Really good stuff.  So, get a NIV, or New King James or Life Application bible and get started. 

Getting started is another trick.  You can start in Genesis (the front of the book) like you would in any other book, but I got tied up in the creation, the apple and that stuff.  I got a little bored,….yes bored,..just a little when I started in Genesis.  I would recommend that you read one chapter of Proverbs each day.  There are 31 of them and it fits into a month pretty well.  If you start reading on the 23rd, then start on the Proverbs 23.  This book is some good stuff to get your hands around.  Like, if you started on the 23rd, go to Proverbs and read the 23rd chapter.  In that chapter, verse 22 it says to, “Hearken to your father woh begot you and do not despise your mother when she is old”.  Listen to your dad and love your mom when they get older.  OK.  I can handle that.

If you want to learn a little more, go to the New Testament.  The first books, Matthew, Mark and Luke are what is called synoptic gospels.  That means they are similar.  These 3 men tell the story of Jesus in his early life through his death, they just tell in in 3 different viewpoints, like three people witnessing an event and they tell things a little differently.  I personally like Luke.  Then maybe get into the book of James in the New Testament.  It has some good to live by stuff in it.  I will give you some more ideas later.

So, get an easy to read version of the bible.  Try to kick off with a Proverb a day or whenever you can get to it.  Take a look at one of the first three books of the bible to learn about Jesus.  Then jump to James and check out some life stuff.  Let me know how you do and I will be praying for you. 


Pastor Louie